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Checking For Understanding Online with Eric Snider – Education Article

05.26.20Checking For Understanding Online with Eric Snider CFU with reading is a two-step process Checking for Understanding is one of the biggest challenges in teaching; online you can multiply that tenfold. It’s like trying to assess how well your class is doing while looking in through the keyhole. That’s why I found this video of Eric Snider’s so profound. He’s teaching Rita Williams-Garcia’s One Crazy Summer (adapting the book unit from our curriculum, actually, I’m happy to say) and does…

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Transition to Teaching in South Carolina – Education Article

Career Changing In South Carolina Angela Adamian fell in love with teaching while her own children were in school. “Working with them on homework, inspiring in them a love for learning; I really enjoyed it.” Once Angela’s children were old enough, she was ready to re-enter the workforce. The problem, however, was that Angela realized she didn’t want to go back to work using her paralegal certificate. She considered going to law school but ultimately, after much soul searching, knew…

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Oxford students to get anti-bias training after George Floyd ‘joke’ at hustings | University of Oxford

An Oxford college has ordered staff and students to undergo training to combat racial bias after an undergraduate made a “joke” drawing a comparison between protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and flour shortages. The comments, described as racist and trivialising by witnesses, were made during a virtual hustings event by a candidate for the position of “cake rep” – a welfare position on the junior common room committee at Christ Church college. The student, who has…

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Reading Comprehension – The Seasons – Education Article

Homework, Environment and Nature, Reading Comprehension | Views: 539 | Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate | 5 out of 5, rated by 1 teachers | The Earth orbits the Sun every 365 days and while it does this, it also spins on its axis every 24 hours. Because the Earth’s axis is slightly tilted, each part of the planet is getting a different amount of light. This difference creates the seasons. Students learn about the seasons with this science resource created by…

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Who I’ve Learned From – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

For ten years this blog has been my own little corner of the world. A place where I have gone to reflect out loud in order to move forward in my own journey. A place where I have shared a few good ideas but also a lot of failures. A lot of missteps, a lot of hurt, regret, shame and it has been the way I have processed the world I live in. I have invited others along on my…

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Schools in north-west of England postpone reopening plans after new coronavirus data | Education

More schools have shelved plans to reopen on Monday, after new data suggested coronavirus could still be spreading in the north-west of England. Health officials at Blackburn with Darwen council, which runs 85 schools in Lancashire, emailed local schools on Friday evening advising them not to reopen on Monday morning. The same advice has been given by public health officials in Tameside, Greater Manchester, to delay reopening for pupils other than vulnerable children and those of key workers, to 22…

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Facing personal setbacks in college: Everything works out in the end – Education Article

Things can get tough during your college years, whether it is a bad grade in a class or test you studied hours on end for, rejection from a job you wanted, or problems with friends, family, or significant others. Sometimes these problems can be minor, or they can feel like the end of the world. Have you ever taken time to step back to look at the effect that the loss had on your life? By stepping back out of the initial…

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What Leads to Meaningful Change? #Podcast – George Couros – Education Article

You can listen to the whole podcast on this topic with some added stories on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, on YouTube.     One of the comments I keep hearing over and over again during this time goes something like, “It has been amazing to see teachers try so many things that they haven’t done before.”  Some even sharing a sense of surprise in others that are now using technology. Have you watched people try things that you were surprised…

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‘I feel like a number’: unhappy UK students blocked from deferring studies | Education

Freya Saddler, a first-year musical theatre student, fell in love with Goldsmiths, University of London, when she auditioned for her course. Now, after trying to adapt to studying drama alone on a laptop in her bedroom during lockdown, she is stressed and unhappy. Like many students across the country, she is ready for a break from her studies – but her university says the coronavirus is not a valid reason to defer. “Emotionally it has been a big struggle,” says…

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8 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Business Website To Get More Sales – Education Article

8 Effective Ways To Optimize Your Business Website To Get More Sales—Infographic 1. Understand The Flaws And Improve Your Content Content is one of the main sources of contact with your audience. It can be in the form of a blog, social media post, email, video, etc. Your content should be relevant and valuable to your visitors. 2. Add Forms To The Pages Getting More Traction By studying the past leads and improving the landing page, you may not realize…

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Outcry over decision to end free school meals voucher scheme in July | Education

Campaigners have threatened to take the government to court over its decision not to extend its free school meals voucher system for low-income families over the summer holiday period. The national voucher scheme, which is worth £15 a week to recipients, was introduced in March to help poorer families feed their children when schools were closed under lockdown measures. But ministers announced on Thursday that it would not run during the summer holidays, adding that the government had “always been…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Started Today! – Education Article

This week I had the opportunity to present at the Independent Podcast Conference virtual event focusing on how to build a community around your podcast.  My good friend Joe Pardo does a great job running these conferences and they run every other week this summer. (Check out the full calendar here) During this week’s conference, I gave a presentation on How to Build Your EDU Brand through Live Video using an application called StreamYard.  StreamYard is a popular live streaming…

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