writing an effective syllabus

Revisiting the Syllabus – Faculty Focus – Education Article

The syllabus—most of us use them, many of our students don’t read them.  We wondered if this venerable artifact of teaching might merit a revisit.  So, last fall we issued a call for ideas, opinions, examples and samples, and you responded, sharing a treasure trove of syllabus materials. Thank you!  I spent most of December trying to get them organized into a useful set of resources which are now being published on the Teaching Professor.  We launched with a potpourri…

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Seven Ways to Make Your Syllabus More Relevant – Education Article

Can a syllabus get students excited for your course? What will keep students coming back to it? These seven design elements can help students get the most out of your syllabus, prepare them for the course, and focus the class on the learning goals ahead. My Engaging Syllabus Design: Example illustrates all of these design elements. 1. Write an introductory message with a personable explanation of the syllabus’ layout. An official welcome to the course can be your “pitch” for the…

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