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The Pandemic Educator – Retooling Education (Weekly Live Webcast, Resources, Guest Appearance) – Education Article

Tips for taking your instructional show online and reflections from our experience at The College of Westchester On Friday, April 17th it was my pleasure to be a guest on my friend David Mahaley’s new weekly webcast delivered on LearningRevolution is a daily online education conference site that educators can sign up for free. Every day they offer multiple different live sessions online. David and I have known each other since back in 2012 when, as Head of School…

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How to Get Your Students to Perform Better – the Scientific Approach (Pygmalion Effect) – Education Article

Teaching can be extremely challenging. Often you find yourself faced with a classroom made up of a diverse student body. Catering to each student’s individual needs can be difficult, if not impossible. As a result, many teachers are looking for research-backed study methods to encourage their students to perform well regardless of ability. The Pygmalion effect is one such method. Here are some ways to get your students to perform better in classes: What is the Pygmalion effect? The Pygmalion effect is…

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