20 real-world examples of Augmented Reality – Education Article

The 2019 instalment of Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week kicks off next month. For a couple of previous VR WOL Weeks I’ve collated lists of the examples that the participants unearthed – see 20 real-world examples of Virtual Reality and 25 more real-world examples of Virtual Reality. This time however I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve decided to focus my attention on Augmented Reality. As with VR, there’s plenty of talk out there about how wonderful AR is…

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Tips for Asking for Accommodations at Work – Education Article

I’m a 28-year-old disabled Autistic person with diagnoses of ADD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and sleep disorder. And yet, I only just asked for accommodations at work for the first time recently when I started a new part-time job. My approach to school, work, and life, in general, has always been to throw myself at everything without regard for my physical, mental, or emotional health. I never knew any other way! That more-or-less (sort of) worked for 27 years of my…

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