9 New Teacher Survival Tips – Education Article

Because you asked. I occasionally get emails from followers, readers, and conference audience members asking for advice. It’s lovely! And flattering! And OK, a lot of work sometimes. But, I always try to answer and help. Recently, I spent so much time answering, linking to past posts, and giving paragraphs and paragraphs of advice I thought – Hey! This would be a good blog post! Some of these topics, I’ve blogged about before. I’m kind of passionate about being a…

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Disabled and Struggling to Find Work – Education Article

Being disabled and finding work can be hard. There are several things you need to think about when being disabled and trying to find a job. One thing is if you can get to the location if you do not drive. You also need to think about the hours you’ll be working and if they will work for you based on your transportation. For me being in a wheelchair and having to use public transportation is hard. The bus I…

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