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Easy Steps to Create Video Playlists with Spark Page – Education Article

Do you use videos in your classroom? You don’t have to have a flipped classroom to leverage the power of video with your students. Whether you share tutorials, explainer videos, or clips from a documentary, you can create video playlists. Last year, I shared a strategy for creating video playlists using YouTube. You might have heard about it on this episode of the Easy EdTech Podcast. I’ve embedded it below in case you want to listen now, or you can…

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7 New EdTech Tools Worth Exploring – Education Article

Where do you go when you want to learn about new EdTech tools? From checking out new blog posts (like this one!) to searching hashtags on social media, there are lots of ways to learn about new EdTech tools. When I attend a conference, I also stay on the lookout for companies that have just come on the scene. This way, I can connect with them, ask them questions, and see if their booth is “buzzing” with excitement from other…

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How To Share Spark Videos on YouTube – Education Article

Do you have a YouTube channel for your school or classroom? This past year, I’ve led several presentations on how schools can share their stories. From making a slideshow with pictures from a field trip to spotlighting student work, there are lots of things schools can share with the world. You can share Spark Videos on YouTube this school year! If you are creating videos to share school updates this year, or your students are creating videos, YouTube is one…

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