Valentina Gonzalez

How Reading and Math Can Leverage Each Other – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog Let me begin by admitting that when it comes to reading and math, I lean more towards the reading side of education. I’d say typically that as educators we take a side. The good news is that no matter which side you are on, by identifying what effective readers and effective mathematicians do, we can use the strengths from one content area to capitalize on the other. I had this particular aha moment in July 2017 after…

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10 Ways to Get Students Using Academic Language – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog “My kids seem to speak English well, but when it comes to academic tasks, they struggle.” We often wonder why English learners have a difficult time with standardized tests and essays in content areas but are able to communicate with peers and get along fairly well on a day-to-day basis. The reason behind it may be that academic language is different from everyday language. Academic language takes from 5-7 years to acquire while social or conversational language…

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