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MIT’s female staff members express outrage over Epstein donations in letter | Education

A letter signed by more than 60 of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) leading female faculty members outraged over donations from Jeffrey Epstein, and the wider professional culture at the elite institution, was handed to the university’s president, L Rafael Reif, on Wednesday. The letter described the decision by MIT to court, accept and then disguise donations from Epstein, a financier and convicted sex offender, as “profoundly disturbing” ahead of a heated two-hour faculty meeting. The Wednesday meeting came…

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California schools were once the nation’s envy. What went wrong? | Education

California once had one of the best funded, most envied public education systems in the United States. Now schoolteachers in Los Angeles, who went on strike this week to vent years of frustration, say they struggle with overcrowded classrooms and children whose need for academic support, psychological services and English-language coaching outstrips anything they can provide. Many schools do not have a full-time nurse or counselor. In many of the poorer neighborhoods – in south LA, or the north-eastern San…

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