universal design for learning

UDL and 21st Century Learning – Education Article

Put simply, “people learn more deeply from words and pictures than from words alone” (Mayer, 2005). Multimedia theory posits the idea that people’s brains more effectively integrate new information when they can receive that information in multiple ways.  As we move towards a model of Universally Designed Learning (UDL), we’re inviting students to acquire and share information in novel ways, and assisting them in linking their learning directly to their experiences, past, and future. Our students are digital natives, necessitating…

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Easy to Implement Strategies for Disabilities in the College Classroom – Education Article

The teaching process not only involves content knowledge, but also an understanding of teaching and learning principles with insights about different learning needs (note: not the same thing as “learning styles”). Instructors must understand what pedagogical strategies meet those learning needs. Chickering (1987) delineated seven “good practice” principles, many of which emphasize classroom interaction. Even when lecturing, it’s helpful to have strategies which enable comprehension of and interaction with the material. With increasing levels of classroom diversity, pedagogical strategies that…

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