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Analysing the purpose and value of universities | Letters | Education

Simon Jenkins asserts that: “A university course has barely changed its three-year structure of lectures, essays and exams in a hundred years” (What are our universities for?, Journal, 31 May). It’s true that the sector remains sceptical about two-year degrees, but teaching and assessment methods on most university courses today would be unrecognisable to anyone who was a student 30 years ago. Current politics students at Liverpool still attend lectures, submit essays and take exams. But they also analyse election…

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May urges Tories to cut tuition fees and revive student grants | Education

Theresa May has thrown down the gauntlet to the Tory leadership candidates to slash tuition fees and reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students. In a speech in London, the prime minister acknowledged she no longer had power to implement the policy as she was leaving office. However, she put pressure on her successor to reduce the burden of debt on young people, as she believed the system was not working for many students and their families. “I’ve spoken to…

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Give worse-off students £3,000 to stay in education, says report | Education

Disadvantaged students in England could receive grants worth £3,000 a year to encourage them to remain in education after leaving school, according to proposals from a government-commissioned report backed by Theresa May. The report into post-age 16 education and funding would, if accepted by a future government, see a shift in funding from universities to further education (FE) and vocational training. Universities would lose income for “low value” courses while their graduates would be making higher student loan repayments until…

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