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“Why Didn’t Anyone Help Me?” The Truth Behind Abused Teachers Who Took Matters Into Their Own Hands – Education Article

When the articles pop up on my timeline, I’m quick to click the link to each and every article that looks or sounds like this: “Teacher assaults student” “Educator and student fights” “Teacher fired after brawl with student” What I find to be interesting is that many, if not all of the teachers involved in the fight with their students, have reported incidents within their classrooms multiple times.  But where are those articles? Where are the news reports of teachers…

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The Teacher Wage Penalty | The Educators Room – Education Article

In 1991, I graduated at the top of my high school class.  I could have majored in a myriad of topics. I chose the teaching profession.  First in my nuclear family to graduate high school with a traditional diploma and one of the few in my extended family to pursue a college degree, I forged ahead as a history and secondary education major at SUNY Geneseo, with what my beloved aunt called tunnel vision.  My mother and grandmother’s generations were…

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