The Giver

More Thoughts-and Another Video-About Online Read Aloud – Education Article

04.13.20More Thoughts–and Another Video–About Online Read Aloud Last week Beth Verrilli shared a thought-provoking post about the power of Read Alouds in an online setting. Beth noted how the two videos we shared both helped students to understand how to read a given text independently and also connected them to reading and to the classroom community. I found myself thinking about that when I watched Emily Badillo modeling a read aloud from The Giver as part of a project to…

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Sample Lessons For The Giver From Our Middle Level English Curriculum – Education Article

Students start off our Giver unit writing about this picture: “Why might someone want to live in a neighborhood like this? Why might someone not want to live in a neighborhood like this?”     I’ve been blogging quite a bit this year about the English Curriculum my team is writing. I shared an overview of our goals and methods here. I shared some examples of how we’re approaching vocabulary here. I shared some examples of the ‘sensitivity analysis’ questions…

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