Eureka Crate Review – Is It Our Favorite Subscription Box For Teens? – Education Article

Instruction manuals are one way to differentiate between just  good boxes and the top ones.  As an example, our Creation Crate review highlights how unclear and sometimes wrong instructions made the project way more complicated than it had to be.  It weighed down our final thoughts on what could have been one of the best subscription boxes. Kiwico has really nailed down the art of including enough – but no more information than is needed – in their instruction booklets. …

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45 Captivating Water Games for Kids and Parents – Education Article

I don’t think there’s a kid on this planet (or a dog for that matter) who doesn’t associate sprinklers and water hoses with fun water games. Even parents become kids again when reminded of the fun activities they enjoyed as children. You don’t need a party for water games; a summer afternoon will do just fine. Here is a list of water games to play this summer including water racing games, water balloon games, games for kids and adults, and,…

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