Teachers Colleges: The Weakest Link – Top Performers – Education Article

Our schools of education are the weakest link in our public education system, and, of all the system’s parts, they may be the hardest to change with the tools available to policy makers. Perhaps that’s why we don’t really even try. It is often said that an education system can be no better than the teachers who staff it. The reality is that we have much better teachers than we deserve, based on the policies in place and the way…

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Teachers Colleges as the Weakest Link: Part 2 – Top Performers – Education Article

In my last blog post, I described our teachers colleges as the weakest link in our education system, explained why and said that nothing would change unless the states take a very strong role in strengthening them.  In this post, I’ll have a little more to say about that last part. One could argue that our schools of education are as weak as they are because, rather than exercising the kind of leadership they should have exercised, they have chosen…

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