Teacher and Staff Professional Development

What is the Foundation of Effective Professional Development? – Education Article

[Infographic Text] What is the Foundation of Effective PD? Three Research-Based Characteristics of Results-Oriented Professional Development for Educators PD FORMAT: PD Facilitation, Form and Style PD CONTINUITY: PD Length and Recurrence PD PLANNING: PD Design Professional Development Format Active Learning: Just like best practices for instruction, professional learning should be hands-on and engage participants in relevant scenarios and opportunities to apply their learning throughout. Collaboration: Professional development should be collaborative. Every participant has unique experiences and background;… This is only a snippet of a…

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Assessing Your Assessment Methods | Atlas – Education Article

By Megan Davenport, Professional Development Specialist How often do you take a moment to reflect on the different types of assessments your students experience? Everyone has their go-to assessments, and busy teaching days don’t offer much time (or mental capacity) to step back and reflect. However, when we do have time to think strategically about our curriculum, we want relevant and helpful information to make the most of our conversations. The reports in Atlas can serve as a conversation starter…

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