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Using Interviews to Assess and Mentor Students – Education Article

Have you considered adding five-minute student interviews to your teaching tool kit? Before you calculate how long it would take to interview all of your students and dismiss this idea out-of-hand, consider how student interviews provide a unique setting and opportunity for you to teach students individually. Extensive research confirms the value of student-teacher interactions. Sandy Astin’s widely acclaimed What Matters in College reports that interaction between student and faculty has “significant positive correlations with every academic attainment outcome: college…

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NAEP Must Get Its Standards Right This Time – Top Performers – Education Article

Forgive me if I am a little cynical about the eternal dance between measurement and accountability when it comes to reporting on the progress and achievement of American school children.  From the beginning, the leaders of our state education systems have invited testing experts to help them set the cut points for passing or not passing the state tests.  They listen gravely to the advice of the experts, then ask them how many students will fail at the recommended cut…

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Setting NAEP Performance Standards: How We Got Here – Top Performers – Education Article

Last week, I wrote a blog commenting on the draft policy on performance standards recently issued by the National Assessment Governing Board.  In it, I called for performance standards based not on people’s opinions about what constitutes basic, proficient and advanced performance at three grade levels but on what the evidence shows it takes to succeed in the first-year program of a typical community college, on the grounds that, for at least half of our high school graduates, our community…

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