My aims for next year (2019-20) – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Every year, at the beginning of the summer break, I like to take the opportunity to reflect and outline my goals for the next academic year. I can’t say that I achieve all of them every year, but the goal-setting, accountability and intentionality have led to some of my proudest achievements. I have just finished my favourite year of my career so far, and many of the highlights are a result of last year’s targets. I’m committed to these goals…

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Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

My first experience of Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) was spontaneous. It was the beginning of November and so I was wearing a poppy. In Hong Kong, this is not really a tradition. Attaching a paper flower to my shirt was a huge, unintentional provocation! Children of all ages asked me about it as I walked around school. At first, I answered them. I gave them a quick, shallow answer about Remembrance Day that, to be honest, they have probably already…

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