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Create Compelling Reads with the Kabookey Multimedia E-book Ecosystem – Education Article

Kabookey™ delivers what an interactive e-book should be. E-learning has come a long way. Rapid e-learning tools have evolved over the years, and with them, the opportunity to create interactivity, video, branched scenarios and more. We’ve seen technologies shift from Flash to HTML5, and we’ve seen new tools emerge and old “friends” reconfigured and renewed to support the delivery of effective learning to mobile devices. We’ve also seen a plethora of tools that create rich interactivity and games – some…

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Bridging the Gap: Graphic Novels and Reluctant Readers – Education Article

We live in a visual world where content, including educational content, is often consumed visually in the form of infographics, short videos, and yes, comics. It’s no secret that graphic novels and comics are increasingly popular among young readers. Many readers step from “I Can Read” chapter books that include pictures to popular diary fiction and more complex graphic novels. Graphic novels fill the gap that leads to the unillustrated chapter books that students will study throughout their education. Discounting…

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