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A Postcard from Cornerstone Prep in Memphis – Education Article

04.09.19A Postcard from Cornerstone Prep in Memphis Ms. Caballero: The Show Call was great; so was the student writing! Darryl Williams and I had the pleasure of visiting two campuses of Memphis’ Cornerstone Prep last Friday. They’re both ASD neighborhood schools–two of the highest performing in the ASD, and not surprisingly I learned a lot from our visit. The school was warm and inviting for students and adults.  In both cases expectations for what happened in the classroom were high…

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One More Clip for ‘Show Call Week’ – Education Article

04.10.19One More Clip for ‘Show Call Week’ The moment when Sarah takes Lavonte’s paper. It’s a good thing! Ok, it’s not really ‘Show Call Week,’ but this is the third post I’ve shared this week involving an example of the technique, which is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s a sign. Anyway this one is from Sarah Wright’s classroom again. I posted another example of her Show Call earlier this week. This one is a little different: simple and elegant.…

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