Social English Conversations Speaking Cards – Education Article

The worksheet contains three types of excersices focusing on Social English conversations. I.Chain conversations – Give each of your students a social topic to talk about and let pupils to prepare a statement corresponding to their topic, they start the conversation, student A says his statement and asks student B:”What do you think?” Student B answers and says his statement, then he asks student C: “What do you think?”II.Pair conversation – Half students stay sitting on their chairs and other…

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The Grammar Card Game – Education Article

by BusyTeacher Contributor This is a card game where students need to create meaningful sentences using the cards they are dealt. There are 5 main types: subjects, objects, verbs, complements and connectors. RULES:-At the beginning of the game each player draws 7 cards.-The first player draws a card and then proceeds to play as many cards as possible, starting with a subject, followed by a verb, an object etc.-For every card that gets played, pupils need to repeat the full…

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