Pygmalion effect

Does ‘Teacher Expectation’ Make A Difference? – Education Article

Reading Time: 1 minute Does teacher expectation make a difference? Have you ever taught a top set or a bottom set class? How do the pupils and your behaviours change? Research suggests teacher expectations make all the difference, so ‘what can you say and do’ to help make another teacher more effective, which in turn impacts on their pupils’ behaviour and their performance? Positive expectations influence performance … The work of Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobsen (1968) shows that teacher…

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15 Cognitive Biases Which Influence The Way You Think – Education Article

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to making a good decision, how well-informed are you? Since the early 1960s, cognitive scientists and psychologists have been researching and sharing cognitive bias and give them each a name. How good are you at knowing some of the most well-known and can you spot these behaviours in yourself and others? I’ve been blogging about cognitive dissonance over the last year or so as I have started to become familiar with online behaviours…

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