Eight Years Later | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can one use a traumatic moment and turn it into something positive? There will be a core group of readers who will remember the 21st May 2011 when I first shared this photo. Not many readers of Teacher Toolkit will know the real reason I started this website – as an expectant father and having just lost my school leadership job to redundancy), I found myself without work after 17 years in teaching – and…

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#1minCPD: Raising Aspirations | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

#1minCPD: Raising Aspirations | TeacherToolkit | UK Education Blog Reading Time: 1 minute Want to encourage your pupils to aim high? Although many young people have huge aspirations, there is often a still a deep disconnect between socially deprived pupils and aiming high. Here’s one way to raise aspirations for those who don’t seem… This is only a snippet…

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