Teachers Are More Stressed Out Than You Probably Think – Education Article

 When I was just a new teacher, I remember my doctor asking me if I had a high stress job.   I said that I taught middle school, as if that answered his question. But he took it to mean that I had it easy. After all – as he put it – I just played with children all day.   Now after 16 years in the classroom and a series of chronic medical conditions including heart disease, Crohn’s Disease…

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The Last Day of School – Education Article

On the last day of school this year, my 8th grade students gave me one of the greatest salutes a teacher can get.   They reenacted the closing scene of “The Dead Poets Society.”   You know. The one where Robin Williams’ Mr. Keating has been fired from a boarding school for teaching his students to embrace life, and as he collects his things and leaves, the students get up on their desks as a testament to his impact and…

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Virtual counseling services try to increase number of rural college students – Education Article

Cayanne Korder, 18, studies in the Red Wing High library before heading to a local hospital for an internship. Korder, due to graduate this month, credits the virtual advising program College Possible for helping her get accepted to Emory University on a full scholarship. Steve Friess for The Hechinger Report RED WING, Minn. — Cayanne Korder long believed college would be her ticket out of this rural factory town of about 16,000 people. As far back as middle school, she…

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