Why Principals Don’t Praise – Smart Classroom Management – Education Article

It’s not just you. Really, it isn’t. Many principals don’t praise anyone. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt when you’re ignored or your good work goes unnoticed. Whether you’re a veteran or brand-new teacher, everyone appreciates well-earned recognition. Everyone appreciates positive feedback. After all, it lets you know if you’re on the right track. Oh sure, they expect you to do it. They want to hear you praise everything that moves. But for them, it’s as if they lose…

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In conversation with Alka Murthy- Principal, Zydus School, Ahmedabad – Education Article

Ma’am tell us about your journey in education; from being a teacher to a principal of one of the most renowned schools of Gujarat! (chuckles) First of all, let me tell you getting in the field of education was an accident for me. Actually, I had gone to a school to get the form for my neighbour’s child. That day, in 1988, counsel (had) instituted computer science for the first time. So, while I was filling the form and the…

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