Practice and Implementation Strategies

Here’s What Happened When Students Solved Social Media Problems With Design Thinking – Education Article

A few weeks ago, Aaron, a student in my high school elective class, mentioned he didn’t use social media very often. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first. When I followed up, he told the class he found the ads distracting—and said he ended up buying things he didn’t need. “But how do you hang out with people?” asked another student, Holly, somewhat incredulously. “Well, I Snapchat,” Aaron clarified. “I just don’t use Instagram or Facebook.” From behind…

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Student Pushback Is Frustrating, but It Made Me a Better Teacher – Education Article

I was driving to work listening to Dan Carlin’s political podcast “Common Sense.” Carlin was explaining how to make history relevant to all students, whether it’s the history of hip-hop music, the evolution of the coffee industry or a person you pass on the street. What stayed with me that day: everything and everyone has a history—but history doesn’t matter to students if it’s not relevant to their own lives. As a high school history teacher with 15 years of…

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Our Student-Led Conferences Were Falling Short. Here’s What We Changed. – Education Article

“Focus on your mantra,” I told myself. “Breathe in and out, go to your zen place,” my inner voice whispered. I wasn’t practicing yoga or daily meditation. I was preparing for parent-teacher conferences. After over a decade of teaching in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and encountering countless parents aggressively accuse me of dashing the dreams of their children by giving them a B, I had developed a preparation ritual that even a practiced yogi would envy. As I sat in…

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