Engineering Good in the World – Education Article

For more than a century, subsistence miners have panned the streams of Colombia and Peru in search of a few flecks of gold. More than 40 million men, women and children in the global south make their living as artisanal and small scale miners (ASM). Some miners work full time, some only mine during the dry season, others resort to mining after conflict or natural disaster destroys their livelihood. Small scale mining practices are often dangerous, ecologically damaging and economically unsustainable.…

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Promoting Pathways to Good Jobs: Strada Education Network – Education Article

Since 2014, Strada Education Network has invested more than $100 million to help more Americans get a good first job. Strada is a national social impact organization dedicated to strengthening the pathways between education and employment. Strada is based in Indianapolis. After operating as a federal student loan guarantor (formerly known as USA Funds) since 1960, Strada transformed itself into a national social impact enterprise with a mission of “Completion With a Purpose.” Former Assistant Secretary of Education Carol D’Amico has been…

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