Place-Based Education

Middle School Students Thrive on Place-Based Learning – Education Article

By Sarah K. Anderson As eleven-year-olds, my friend Tammy and I decided to follow the river behind my house downstream about a mile towards town. By the time we hauled ourselves up the riverbanks and into the general store to buy candy, we came to see ourselves as adventurers who understood the river in a way that no one else did. Around this time, my friend Kristen and I wrote and published a town newspaper, which we sold at the…

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Why Place-Based Education? | Getting Smart – Education Article

Place: It’s where we’re from, it provides a lens for how we see the world, it commands our attention and care. Place has always been central to human development–it tells the story of the world as it once was and as we currently know it. In modern school systems we often neglect place as being integral to how, and what, we learn. The fact that many presume a school building is the only place of learning in and of itself neglects…

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Learning Gardens Provide Equity, Access and Great Food – Education Article

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know how your fruits and vegetables are grown and when they are in season? In a rush to get dinner on the table we’ve become a culture so disconnected from the food we eat. Often, we are faced with choosing cheap and processed food options over seeking out locally grown produce. Personally, food is my love language. Its how I show people I love them and breaking bread with someone…

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