Portraits of UK black female professors – in pictures | Education

Phenomenal Women is said to be the first photographic exhibition honouring Britain’s black female professors. It features portraits by Bill Knight of 40 professors across a broad range of subjects. The show will be at London’s City Hall from 18 March until the end of the month Source link

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When did airbrushing your child’s school photo become a thing? | Art and design

It was with predictable panic that I remembered at two minutes to 8am that it was school photo day. As I bundled my daughters out of the door I did a quick scan of their school uniforms – both were toothpaste-free and fairly dog hair-free too, although my eight-year-old does spend large portions of her life lying on the floor with her arms around the dog, so that’s a battle I‘m never going to win. We had moved as a…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

Welcome to Episode 462 of Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts, a now-wildly irregular podcast by Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) focusing on digital creativity, media literacy, digital literacy and instructional technology. This episode includes two segments. The first is an interview with Megan Thompson (@seeingnewshapes), our elementary art teacher at Casady School in Oklahoma City. This past spring, Megan had an opportunity to travel to the Chicago area and spend part of a day with Tricia Fuglestad (@fuglefun). Tricia…

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