Private schools defend refusal of £1m donation to help poor white boys | Education

Two of the country’s leading private schools have defended their decision to turn down a £1m scholarship donation for white boys from impoverished families. Dulwich College in south London and Winchester College in Hampshire turned down the gift from the philanthropist Sir Bryan Thwaites over fears that it would break equality laws. Thwaites, 96, who attended both schools and intended to leave the money in his will, wanted the scholarship to help white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds because they perform…

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Shakira: ‘I needed surgery – or divine intervention’ | Music

There was a time, in late 2017, when Shakira thought she might never sing again. After suffering a haemorrhage in her vocal cords, she could barely speak. “I always thought there were going to be things in my life that would go away, like beauty, youth, all of that stuff,” she says. “But I never thought that my voice would leave me, because it’s so inherent to my nature. It was my identity. So when I couldn’t sing, that was…

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