Peter Tatchell

Fear of LGBT-inclusive lessons harks back to 80s, says Peter Tatchell | Education

Peter Tatchell knows exactly who is responsible for the recent protests about relationships and sex education outside primary school gates: it’s the government’s fault, he says. “To its credit, the government has spoken out in defence of LGBT+ inclusive lessons – but it hasn’t backed this up with explicit, concrete guidance to schools about what they can and should do,” says the veteran gay rights campaigner. With religious extremists trying to “hijack the issue”, a culture of fear around mentioning…

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Stephen Fry backs calls to review relationships and sex education | Education

Stephen Fry has backed calls urging the government to review its new compulsory programme of relationships and sex education (RSE), due to be rolled out to schools next year, suggesting that it does not go far enough. The actor is one of a number of signatories to a letter addressed to the education secretary, Damian Hinds, which says that “political, religious and cultural sensitivities should not be allowed to thwart mandatory age-appropriate RSE in every school” from the first year…

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