University pension crisis is result of mania and mismanagement | Letters | Education

The race-to-the-bottom logic from two former professors of cutting “gold-plated” university pensions to pay for future generations (Letters, 3 December) is uncalled for. University employers actually boast in their strike-breaking propaganda that the average pension is £17,000 pa. If we old professors get more, others – those who retired as lecturers, or entered the profession late in life – are already getting less. Worse, Waspi women who lost out in the gender pay gap are simultaneously robbed by the retrospective…

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University strike: tens of thousands of staff walk out across UK | Education

Universities across the UK are facing widespread disruption after tens of thousands of lecturers and other staff walked out on strike in protest over pay cuts, increased pension costs and deteriorating conditions. Union leaders reported a strong show of support on Monday for the industrial action, which will last eight days and could extend into the new year with a second wave of strikes if staff demands are not met. Pickets had been set up at 60 universities that are…

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Number of public sector pensioners on £100k trebles in seven years | UK news

The number of people in the public sector’s largest pension schemes retiring on incomes of more than £100,000 has more than tripled in the past seven years, according to figures obtained by a charity promoting intergenerational fairness. Pensions schemes covering the NHS, the civil service and the teaching profession were paying six-figure incomes last year to 375 retirees, up from 117 in 2010. Those in receipt of pensions higher than the UK’s average annual salary of about £28,600 also increased…

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