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My aims for next year (2019-20) – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Every year, at the beginning of the summer break, I like to take the opportunity to reflect and outline my goals for the next academic year. I can’t say that I achieve all of them every year, but the goal-setting, accountability and intentionality have led to some of my proudest achievements. I have just finished my favourite year of my career so far, and many of the highlights are a result of last year’s targets. I’m committed to these goals…

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21st Century Learning Conference 2019 – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

This weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the 11th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference (my first time at this event) and it was even better than I knew it would be. The only thing better than the presentations was the company. It was the biggest collection of amazing teachers that I have ever witnessed. So inspiring and energising! It felt like my entire PLN was there and it was very special to finally meet some of these connections face…

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Blowing minds with Makey Makey – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Our school recently held its annual Maker Jam Slam, a celebration of STEAM with other schools from across Hong Kong. This was my latest experience of seeing cool products used in creative ways by other teachers and students and, once again, feeling like I was missing out. Worse than that, I felt that my students were missing out. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy regarding software, but these kinds of STEAM, tinkering, electrical products are another level. With the Christmas holidays…

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