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Celebrating Harmony Day in Primary School – – Education Article

Harmony Day is really something special to celebrate at school in Australia. We are a country made up by such a large mix of cultures and heritages with proud and appreciative citizens and our families truly reflect this. As a result, Harmony Day becomes an opportunity for children and their families to both celebrate their home cultures and traditions whilst also celebrating their love and adoption of Australian culture and citizenship. I teach at a school in Dandenong with a…

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How to Teach Kids to Read – – Education Article

As adults, it can be easy to forget the process we had to go through to learn how to read. We may remember some kids as the kids who just ‘got it’ and others as the ones who struggled and needed more assistance. If you have an education background, you may be aware of the many theories and strategies recommended for implementation in teaching children to read. The mainstream theories are as follows; top-down or reader-based approach, the bottom-up approach,…

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Public vs Private School – – Education Article

Coming for a small town the very popular public vs private school debate was never an issue for me. We lived out of town and the only primary school was a state run one and then when I went to secondary school I had to do this in town and went to the private school that my parents taught at. So I guess this put me in a good position of getting to see the best of both worlds. Becoming…

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