Eight Years Later | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can one use a traumatic moment and turn it into something positive? There will be a core group of readers who will remember the 21st May 2011 when I first shared this photo. Not many readers of Teacher Toolkit will know the real reason I started this website – as an expectant father and having just lost my school leadership job to redundancy), I found myself without work after 17 years in teaching – and…

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Podcast 47: Mental Health – Is Good Enough, Good Enough? – Education Article

Podcast 47: Mental Health – Is Good Enough, Good Enough? | TeacherToolkit 11th May 201910th May 2019 Joshua McGovern 156 Views #100women, #TTkit100Women, #TTkitPodcast, 100 Word Challenge, A levels, Anorexia, Assisted Place, Assisted Places, Autism, Autistic, Devon, Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Experimental Psychology, Freelance, Gibraltar, Green Paper, Imposter Syndrome, Julia Skinner, Kings College, Margaret Thatcher, Mental Health, Michelle Obama, Middle Class, Oxbridge, Oxford University, Parenting, PhD, Podcast, Pooky H, Poverty, Psychology, Self-Harming, Women’s… This is only a snippet of a Education…

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Why children must know what’s behind their screen – EDUWELLS – Education Article

This month, my life of social media, podcasts, school ‘dramas’, and professional development has coincidentally had a strong theme around online safety and the impact of social media and smartphones on all of us. It is so important to understand these issues as they have stealthily come to dominate every aspect of our lives from wellbeing, family life and school grades. I thought I would collate a collection of important podcasts, videos, websites and apps that will help everyone better…

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