Teacher who helps migrant children turn pain into prize poetry | Education

Kate Clanchy, tall, fast-talking and slightly intimidating, lays out more than a score of slim books on the kitchen table in her Oxford home. They are collections of poetry written by children she taught, published with the help of grants that she tirelessly raised. One, in Arabic, with an English translation, is from a 13-year-old Syrian refugee, a boy with “messy handwriting and limited vocabulary” (but “a genius” all the same), according to the preface. Another has poems written in…

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Parents launch court action over Christian school assemblies | Education

A couple who say their children are being religiously indoctrinated during Christian school assemblies are to launch a high court challenge. Lee and Lizanne Harris will say in a judicial review claim in the autumn that Burford primary school in Oxfordshire made their children take part in Christian prayers and watch re-enactments of Bible stories including the crucifixion. The couple withdrew their children from the assemblies but say the school refused to provide a meaningful alternative of equal educational worth.…

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Back to the future | E-Learning Provocateur – Education Article

I’m both a science nerd and a history buff, so naturally I’m fascinated by the history of science. When I visited Bern several years ago, the Museum für Kommunikation was at the top of my “to do” list. This captivating institution is dedicated to the history of technology-mediated communication, from the cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians, through the gamut of the postal service, telephony, telegraphy, radio, television, computers and the Internet. Upon my return from Switzerland I eagerly blogged my…

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