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Pedagogies of Online Welcome | Faculty Focus – Education Article

October 21, 2019, was a golden day for those interested in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Somehow, across a variety of teaching and learning platforms, several educators were in sync about one specific point: there is immense possibility when we integrate purposeful pedagogies of welcome. Indeed, Lowrie’s (2019) “Vulnerability in the Classroom,” Felton’s (2019) Creating a Relentless Welcome, and Pacansky-Brock’s (2019) “I see you,” all emphasized the benefits of enacting pedagogical warmth. Because I am an online adjunct,…

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Designing Effective Team Projects in Online Courses – Education Article

Participating in team projects offers students the chance to develop interpersonal communication skills (Figueira & Leal, 2013), build relationships with classmates, and increase the level of collective competencies as each group member brings something different to the group. However, in the online environment where the majority of the work occurs asynchronously, students may resist having to work with others (Smith et al., 2011) on graded assignments. Students often say that they do not like group work because they expect that…

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