4 Fab Text Generators – Education Article

4 Fab Text Generators for Web or Blog headers….or Just for Fun Geeky Stuff! 1. Ransom Note Generator I really like this Ransom Note Generator…but it’s a bit tricky…you have to play with it to get good results, adding spaces, capitol letters, and the like. But when you’re done you can download the image to your HD & I crop it with PicMonkey or Photoshop,  but I think it’s right nifty! Here are some tips from the site: Tips: Use the…

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Readers Recommend – Education Article

This is reading promotion idea that’s inexpensive, low-tech, includes student voice, and I totally nabbed it from the amazing Librarian Tiff five years ago and I still love it! It’s kind of what you can call an oldie but a goodie. I don’t put this display out at the beginning of the school year. I’ve found that it’s good to bring it out mid-year or connected to a reading promotion lesson activity like Speed Dating with Books to generate interest.…

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