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We’ll keep fighting for the well-placed apostrophe | Letter | Education

The passing of the Apostrophe Preservation Society (Report, 2 December) is deeply regretted by the Queen’s English Society. We will carry on the fight for clear, accurate English, including correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and word-choice. The apostrophe helps us to distinguish between the general (The ships’ faults were lethal) and the specific (The ship’s faults were lethal), between the plural (boys) and the possessive (boy’s, boys’), and can even change a noun into a verb, with a change in meaning.…

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Norman Stone was brilliant, funny, a doll | Brief letters | Education

Re Richard Evans’ obituary of Norman Stone (26 June): what Evans says has truth in it, but it’s far from the whole truth. Stone was a brilliant teacher, hilarious company, a fascinating lecturer, and a charming admirer. And, which is surely the point about #MeToo, he didn’t get shirty or use it against you if you said no – which is why some of us didn’t. His becoming so rightwing and drunk in later life was a pity, but earlier…

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