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19 Michaels Teacher Discounts & Ways Educators Can Save – Education Article

Is Michaels your happy place? You’re not alone. Michaels has been helping teachers for decades, with its aisles of supplies just perfect for sharing with our students. But what are the definitive, complete, and BEST Michaels teacher discounts and ways educators can save? Read on for all our tips—some of which you may already know, but a few, I guarantee, will be brand new to you!  1. Always use your Michaels Teacher Discount.  The Michaels Teacher Discount is one of…

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Teacher Confession: The Student I’ll Never Forget – Education Article

I have a teacher confession to make. I failed him. Not “gave him an F” failed him but failed him as a young man. A student with a future ahead of him, someone who could one day be a father, a councilman, or even president. But I failed him. It was my second year as a teacher. Based on the number of students that were going to the 5th grade, there was a slot available to me to teach my…

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