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AstroTurf Alert: National Parents Union is Thinly Veiled Union Busting Backed by Billionaire Cash – Education Article

 How do you do something disgusting without hurting your image?     If you’re the Walton Family, you hide behind a mask.     That’s what their latest AstroTurf front group is – the so-called National Parents Union (NPU).     It’s a way to bust teachers unions, destroy public schools and profit off of students behind the guise of a friendly parents organization.     Oh, it’s all funded with oodles of cash from the Walton family and other…

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The Side Effects of Reading Robert Pondiscio. Plus, What’s Eating Teacher Salaries in Kentucky? – Education Article

Smart List: 60 People Shaping the Future of K-12 Education “Least influential of education’s most influential information sources.” — Education Week Research Center “full of very lively short items and is always on top of the news…He gets extra points for skewering my high school rating system” — Jay Mathews, The Washington Post “a daily dose of information from the education policy world, blended with a shot of attitude and a dash of humor” …

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