New Hampshire

Good News! New Hampshire Legislators Table Federal Grant for New Charters – Education Article

Betsy DeVos gave New Hampshire $46 million to. Double the number of charter schools. The state commissioner of education said, illogically, that adding charter schools was a good way to handle declining student enrollment. If that doesn’t make sense, It is because it’s nonsense. Adding new charters is sure to accelerate enrollment declines. The legislature’s fiscal committee voted on party lines to table the first $10 million, pending a study of the fiscal impact on existing schools. Since neither Governor…

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New Hampshire: Democrats Block GOP Effort to Gut Local Control – Education Article

  New Hampshire’s Republican Governor, Chris Sununu (his fatherJohn Sununu was Chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush), appointed a father who homeschooled his children to be State Commissioner of Education. Commissioner Frank Edelblut has dedicated his time in office to undermining public schools. His big idea is called “Learn Everywhere,” wgphich would allow the State Board of education to allow graduation credits for anything they wished, whether it was for-profit, or commercial, or lessons with Miss Sally, or…

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