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Caitrin: New England Patriots Cheerleader with a Passion for Finance – Education Article

While the Patriots tally their touchdowns, New England Patriots Cheerleader rookie Caitrin may be the best-equipped person on the field for heavier math! Read on below to learn how she balances accounts and a demanding role as a Patriots Cheerleaders, keeping teamwork at the front of both fields! What turned you on to STEM and when? I have always been interested in algebra since I was a little girl. On road trips from Massachusetts to Vermont with my dad, we would…

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Dr. Patrice: Former Patriots Cheerleader and Award-Winning Tech Teacher – Education Article

Hi everyone, Sciene Cheerleader Colleen here! Former New England Patriots Cheerleader Dr. Patrice Farquharson recently received an Innovation in Technology Award from CT NBC and Telemundo for her proposal to help train teachers to integrate tech into their classrooms for very young children. Congratulations on your award!  What was your reaction like when you got the exciting news that you had been selected? I was so thrilled that the CT NBC and Telemundo were recognizing the importance of introducing technology and…

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Jenna: New England Patriots Cheerleader and Electrical Engineer – Education Article

Science Cheerleader Hilary here to bring you an update on New England Patriots Cheerleader Jenna! You might remember Jenna from her rookie year or second year interviews, and now we’re back for more. We can’t get enough of this amazing cheerleading engineer, now a 3rdyear veteran with the Patriots! What turned you on to STEM and when?  When I was younger I attended a Junior Patriots Cheerleading clinic. During lunch, each Patriots Cheerleader introduced herself and one cheerleader in particular stood out to…

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