A Network at Work: Lobo School of Innovation – Education Article

  In the heart of Silicon Valley, many schools seek recognition as tech-savvy or cutting edge. While schools may promise innovation and a genuine connection to real-world learning outcomes, it is often a challenge to support these claims. In San Jose, California, the teachers and school leaders at Lobo School of Innovation (LSI), a public district school nestled on the campus of Quimby Middle School, are living up to their school’s name and using the power of the New Tech…

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Congratulations Power of Us Award Recipients! – Education Article

This past year, New Tech Network introduced the Power of Us Awards as a way to stimulate more cross-school interaction and collaborative learning and work across the Network. Our hope was to curate, refine, and share compelling examples of cross-school collaboration to increase the level of connection between members of the Network. The collaboration could be work between schools or between individuals from differing schools. The 2019 award recipients have been working all spring semester to complete their accepted topic…

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My To-Do List: A Peek Into a Teacher Leader’s Week – Education Article

The simple fact that this is my second “list” blog post in a row should tell you something. No matter how many hours I am putting in at home right now, there do not seem to be enough. Teaching is always busy, and balance elusive, but between designing and implementing new programs at school, and managing extra projects (both meant to supplement income as well as realize pet ideas of mine), this was my teacher-leader to-do list as of last…

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