Q: “Did you see the numbers?” A: Yes, I have. – Education Article

Is there a revolt inside the NAACP? Are charters segregated? Do African American have appreciably higher achievement in charters? Tomorrow is statewide strike and a day of action for public education in California. There will likely be more than 2,000 people at the capitol advocating pending legislation that will provide more funding for public education and greater transparency and accountability This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig Read Full Article

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Does @EducationNext still get it WRONG on Gülen charters? – Education Article

I am glad that Harvard’s EducationNext changed the original language in this piece about the Gulen charter schools and Turkey that incorrectly argued that the NAACP had rescinded its call for a charter school moratorium by stating that it had not been “renewed.” They have now taken that language out of the article online, but they still have not issued a public correction for the misinformation (For more see also: Breaking News: California NAACP calls for investigation of ALL Gülen charters). However,…

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