Help Students Get the Most Out of Infographics – Education Article

By Sunday Cummins Do your students love a good infographic? Kids in the middle grades are frequently drawn to infographics because of their visual appeal and because information is presented in small bites. An infographic may be just one graphic, like a diagram, chart, or map, or it may be a compilation of graphics like the NASA infographic below. Click to enlarge. While infographics can be engaging, our students do not always access the content in a way that leads…

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Providing education for migrants and refugees requires common action and shared responsibility – Education Article

The global relevance and timeliness of the 2019 GEM Report Migration, displacement and education: Building bridges, not walls was fully evident at this week’s Global Education Meeting in Brussels. Credit: UNESCO Brussels This is a key moment in the SDG 4 follow up and review calendar. Scheduled to take place every 3 to 4 years, the main purpose of this event was to rally the international community behind a set of consensus-based key messages to be advocated for in the…

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