Mission minded learning

Missions and Goals to Inspire Teachers and Students! #EveryChildEveryDay Chat Resources – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

Today I was the guest author for the Foundations, Inc. (@Foundations_Inc) #EveryChildEveryDay Twitter chat. We shared ways to inspire teachers and students to set and achieve goals and missions. I believe growth in steps is the key to personal, spiritual, and academic success. If we set meaningful goals tied to positive change in others then we are driven to accomplish these goals. I also believe we should celebrate the small achievements that build up to the big goals and that…

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Mock It Up! 9 Tools for Learners to Design, Blueprint, and Visualize Their Innovations – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

“Proper perspective brings about clear direction.” – Mike Anthoni, Author of The Blueprint One way to truly inspire innovation is to send students on learning missions or challenges to invent or imagine a new app, vehicle, machine, building, or system that solves a problem. I’ve sent students on missions to imagine a house or vehicle for people to live on in space. I’ve challenged them to invent apps to solve real world problems they face or to help a superhero. I’ve gotten…

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