Mental Health/Trauma

Educators Flexed Their Muscles in 2019, Look Forward to 2020 – Education Article

In 2019, the news generally got better for educators and students. Across the U.S., educator walkouts have led to increased funding for public schools, more support for teachers and education support professionals, and more attention to the needs of students. Today, we know more than ever about the effects of childhood trauma and racial bias on learning—and that’s a good thing. As the end of the calendar year approaches, let’s take a look at eight positive education trends of 2019 that we…

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Schools Look at Mental Health Days for Students – Education Article

As more school districts across the country implement programs to address student mental health, cutting through the stigma that surrounds this issue is a formidable challenge. Too often a discussion about mental health is constrained by uncomfortable silences, suggestions that teenagers are maybe just lazy or incapable of handling any sort of pressure, or just outright denial. This past summer, a group of students in Oregon did their part to help open up the conversation. They successfully lobbied the state…

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