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Best BSc Perfusion Technology Colleges in Bangalore – Education Article

Best BSc Perfusion Technology Colleges in Bangalore – Course Details, Scope, Eligibility & Opportunities Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Perfusion Technology Now we know that the word ‘Perfusion Technology’ may sound dauntingly pretty high tech and intimidating to you. First things first, take a long deep breath and let us help you understand what it’s all about. Perfusion Technology fundamentally deals with the circulatory and respiratory systems of human beings. Perfusion stands for pumping liquid into a tissue or organ…

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Best BSc Medical Lab Technician Colleges in Bangalore – Education Article

B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology The doctors are the undisputed stars of the show when it comes to the massive healthcare sector, but, their jobs would be thoroughly incomplete without the support of various allied health departments. Medical Lab Technology is one of those divisions that directly affect the work of doctors and as such, is an indispensable unit of the medical services industry that is often underappreciated. So what is Medical Laboratory Technology? Let’s give you a real-life example…

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