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7 New EdTech Tools Worth Exploring – Education Article

Where do you go when you want to learn about new EdTech tools? From checking out new blog posts (like this one!) to searching hashtags on social media, there are lots of ways to learn about new EdTech tools. When I attend a conference, I also stay on the lookout for companies that have just come on the scene. This way, I can connect with them, ask them questions, and see if their booth is “buzzing” with excitement from other…

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Coding in the Classroom with Avokiddo Apps for Kids – Education Article

I love the Hour of Code and how students across the world celebrate coding at the end of each calendar year. Regular readers know that I love to spotlight seasonal topics, but I sometimes worry that isolating terrific resources to a month or a week makes it seem like they don’t have a regular place in your classroom. So on this spring day, I’ll spotlight a handful of coding apps that are perfect for introducing and exploring these concepts in…

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