From Wakanda With Love – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

There has been much fanfare surrounding the latest Marvel comic, turned movie Black Panther. Black people across the diaspora are excited about this movie, what it means and what it represents. Black Panther proves that an all-Black cast with a Black director can put together a quality film from head to toe, that can be a major winner at the box office – the movie is staring down $1 billion at the box office worldwide. This movie has something for…

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Public School Students are Being Erased From TV, Movies and Other Media – Education Article

  Ninety percent of America’s students go to public schools.   But you wouldn’t know that if you opened a book, turned on the TV or went to a movie.   The media is engaged in a disinformation campaign erasing public schools and public school students from our entertainments.   It’s another way marketing and advertising is forced down our throats and into our leisure hours.   Not only do the multi-billion dollar corporations who fund these entertainments want to…

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